Isaac Hayes: The Tribute Continues

12 08 2008

September 27, during the 5th Quarter “we aim to have the largest community gathering since Wattstax and, fittingly, it will again be Isaac Hayes as the central figure with the loudest voice!

Isaac Hayes – August 20, 1942 – August 11, 2008

Many people take for granted what seems like one of the most basic human functions of waking up in the morning. Sunday I woke up and realized again how much of a privilege it is to do so after turning on the television and being told that the legendary Isaac Hayes passed away. This comes right after a Saturday in which I woke up and was informed that the King of Comedy himself, Bernie Mac, had passed on. Two modern day icons gone within 48 hours.

This past weekend was one that shook our communities with more velocity than any earthquake could. Almost as soon as I saw the news on TV my phone began ringing with calls from members on the Angel City Classic team. As much as I didn’t want to believe it, the phone calls or aftershocks confirmed it. A tidal wave of mourners were seemingly confused and all greatly saddened.

“What will the 5th Quarter Concert be like now that Isaac Hayes has passed?”

He was supposed to be there. “Perhaps we shouldn’t do a concert anymore.” “Is there something else we can do in place of the concert?” These questions poured in, but what I realized was that the questions were answered before we even got the news. The 5th Quarter concert was and will remain a Tribute to the Great Isaac Hayes! It was because of his many accomplishments that Hayes was scheduled to

We Miss You

appear with us Saturday September 27, 2008 at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum during the Concord Stax 5th Quarter Concert immediately following the game. This was the same venue where he gave his breakout performance over 35 years ago during Wattstax, a concert held to quell tensions and soothe a community still reeling from the Watts Riots during a very turbulent period in American history.

Isaac Hayes: We Miss You

I thought to myself that perhaps this was divinely put into motion without us even knowing it. It was Isaac Hayes who was the central figure on that day. It was Isaac who led the charge that we come together as a community and remain focused on the positive things we can accomplish while creating not a pessimistic view of what CAN’T be changed, but rather an optimistic view of what we CAN change. This year we aim to have the largest community gathering since Wattstax and, fittingly, it will again be Isaac Hayes as the central figure with the loudest voice!


So, now the man rests and the legend continues to live on. I think about the theme music for Shaft and wonder if Shaft would even be the same guy in the movie without that theme music. Would I have even liked the movie if that soundtrack wasn’t there? I don’t think so. Actually, I can’t even try to imagine it. That’s like having a car and no keys, a steak with no knife or lacing up your basketball shoes and having no shoe-strings. It just doesn’t comprehend. Remember the cartoon series South Park? An animated series that changed the landscape of animation and even sparked college programs to study it. A man involved in the project, Isaac Hayes, brought school lunch to a completely different level. Even there Isaac’s character, Chef, was providing counseling and support to students. Something I’m sure he insisted on in order to even consider doing that project. His voice remains etched in the ears and minds of millions. The definition of cool comes with his picture attached. His presence. His demeanor. His humbleness. His Gift to touch us all in some unique way. Isaac Hayes you will be missed. On behalf of the entire Angel City Classic team we would like to send our condolences to both the Hayes family and the Mac family, loved ones that they each had and of course the countless number of fans that they brought smiles to or simply brought “music to their ears!”

We will now focus on making sure our 5th Quarter Concert is an even larger Tribute to the Great Isaac Hayes and ask that you help us make it historical as only Isaac Hayes would have envisioned. Stay tuned for additional details and artists that will be joining us on that day to pay tribute. In the words of one very legendary man that some called Black Moses, “Can you dig it?!”

John III,

Proud graduate of Hampton University

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2 responses

14 08 2008

I agree;I also am saddened by Bernie Mac * and Issac Hayes moving on: I really loved them both, and ai will miss them.

3 09 2008
Trey Haley

The 5th quarter is going to be something you wont want to miss

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