1 09 2008

Once Upon a Celebrity

Remember when you where young and it seemed as though every bedtime story started with “Once Upon a Time…?”  You would gradually close your eyes and drift off to somewhere safe, somewhere just as comfortable as home, where the smell of dinner cooking in the kitchen superseded what was on television. Over the past few weeks, I’ve had the opportunity to spend some exclusive time with individuals that reminded me of those moments: Nick Cannon, Jennifer Freeman, the Black Eyed Peas‘ own Taboo and several others. You sit down with these celebrities and it hits you like a ton of bricks. I mean, I feel like I’m doing a handful of things all at once, but someone like Nick Cannon is doing even more with much more pressure on him. So many eyes. So many expectations. Unfair comparisons. So many even hoping that he fails. Yet, he makes it happen. I’m talking about everything from hit movies such as Drumline, to chart topping music singles, to a #1 MTV Show, to a clothing line, to a recently VERY publicized marriage to megastar Mariah Carey. The man keeps it moving. I think you get the picture. So let’s fast forward to the day I do an interview with Nick.

John III Interviews Nick Cannon (Click Play Button to Watch)

John III Interviews Nick Cannon

John III Interviews Nick Cannon

I expected him to arrive at the video shoot with people in tow, something like a Verizon commercial gone bad. Well, this wasn’t the case. The door bell rings and Nick is standing there with himself and his right hand man Dorian. That’s it!  No army of PR folks or lawyers– just Nick being Nick. He comes in and we talk about the Angel City Classic and how excited he is to be participating. Nick Cannon, DrumlineHe throws ideas out about how involved he wants to be with the fans attending on game day. We talk about his expectations for his Stop Hating, Educate campaign. We laugh because he was told he can hang out in a small room until the production team is ready to start rolling (you have to understand that the view on the patio next to the pool was absolutely “Hollywood” and that the temperature was pure Southern Cal perfect with a slight peppermint breeze! Not hanging out on this patio would’ve been like hanging a NY Strip Steak around your neck and telling that Rottweiler named Killer sitting next to you to be cool. You might be good for a second or two but otherwise it’s just not happening (***NOTE: KIDS PLEASE DON’T TRY THAT AT HOME**). We also chat before the shoot about a flight that he is about to catch in a few hours to go overseas. Be sure and click the “play” button above to watch the interview produced by Tri Destined Studios.

Taboo:  Black Eyed Peas

Taboo, Black Eyes Peas

Fast forward again.  I’m hanging out with my man Taboo and he begins to talk about his recent hit records with the Black Eyed Peas and his new co-staring role in one of Fall’s hottest movies. (Black Eyed Peas is a hip hop group composed of will.i.am, apl.de.ap, Taboo and Fergie.) We also chop it up about his new reality television series.  (I’ll give you a hint on this one. You’ve seen America vote for the hottest dance Crews, well Taboo is sitting as a judge on the newest American crew to be dropped on the public. And I’m not talking about dance, either).

In the meantime, while I’m sitting in their studio, others are preparing for him to go in and do some recordings while a second camera crew waits for him to do a photo shoot for a magazine. I’m just sitting there glad that we don’t have to wait for his part in our TV commercials and continue chatting about what’s next for the Classic. We hope to bring you that interview soon.

Jennifer Freeman, My Wife and Kids

Jennifer Freeman, Angeles City Classic

Jennifer Freeman, My Wife and Kids

Just as amazing was Jennifer Freeman from “My Wife and Kids,” who will be conducting interviews on Friday and Saturday during the event. She didn’t star on a hit television show for years by accident. Taboo didn’t sell MILLIONS of records on a whim. Nick Cannon didn’t blow the doors open with the hit movie Drumline by chance. Isaac Hayes didn’t become ‘Black Moses’ without practicing how to part seas with his talented singing and writing skills. Lalah Hathaway and Angie Stone didn’t become divas overnight. And the Angel City Classic hasn’t become a focus of each respective celebrity that was mentioned in this blog because they had nothing else to do. Each believed that this event is an excellent way to enhance the many things that they respect and work very hard each day to accomplish. They believe that their voices or talent can be positively used to touch their fans and most importantly the communities that raised them into who they are. Without a constructive effort and focus from them and our familiar families, none would have been able to exist as we now know them.

They believed. They believed, just like you and me, that the vision of ˜Once Upon a Time”isn’t just a story teller’s set up, but rather something that can be accomplished by applying as much effort to TODAY or the immediate PRESENT as possible. How hard are we working TODAY to encourage education and mental growth? How much energy are we willing to put forth on the positive things instead of the negative things that stunt our growth and cultivate our nightmares?? What are we doing RIGHT NOW to constructively and economically build stability within our communities?

We Take Education of Our Youth Seriously

September 27th 2008 is only a highlight of some of these actions that we all should strive to take right now. Come out and be a part of history. It is your decision right here and right now for how our story wants to be remembered.

One thing that I can promise is that at the end of the day on September 27th, 2008 we will all be so exhausted that we can fall asleep to what seemed like a real life “Once Upon a Time” fairy tale! But we have to put in the work and tell someone who can tell someone who can tell someone who can also bring someone to join us. So for now, sweet dreams, ACC fans, I can’t wait to get started on tomorrow!

John III

Angel City Classic COO

Proud Hampton Grad

Angie Stone Performs at5th Quarter

P.S And, in case you are wondering, I did mention names in here that are directly involved in the Angel City Classic. Angie Stone and Lalah Hathaway will be joined by Anthony Hamilton in our “5th Quarter Tribute to Isaac Hayes Concert.” OH BOY!! Have you heard them sing lately? Better yet have you seen Angie Stone in concert??? The woman can sing! And Lalah?!!! And Anthony Hamilton??? Man, I’m not even going to give you all the details here, because I’m going to be writing about it later. Just might even have an interview coming up with each. Stay logged on and you’ll be the first to get the news right here on this blog spot!

In Other News:

September 9
Recycling Black Dollars’

John T. Fleming, CEO

First Tuesday Breakfast Mixer

Bring a fresh batch of cards for networking!

Guest Speaker:
John Fleming, CEO,
Farmer’s Angel City Classic
Papa West Restaurant
4336 Degnan Ave
Leimert Park 310-673-7777

We Have Extended Our King and Queen Scholarship Deadline for Entries to Sept. 12!

Attention High School Seniors! There is still time to enter to win the $5,000 scholarship for King or Queen ($10,000 total!) to be showcased at this year’s Angel City Classic, Sept 27, 2008 at the L.A. Convention Center.  Don’t miss this opportunity!  Click Here to Enter!

BLACKWEEKLY.com Celebrates 3 BAAS Media Group and Angel City Classic

Terrorist Fist Bump or Brotherly Unity?

Representatives of our 3BAAS Media Group PR firm will be honored at a Black Weekly function designed to promote the Farmers Angel City Classic. First Fridays Los Angeles is geared to providing professionals in the Greater Los Angeles area a monthly event in which to interact with their peers.

Friday, September 5th, join Blackweekly.com Founder Fleace’ Weaver and other professionals for First Fridays Los Angeles We Are Kings III, A Celebration of Black Men.

Last month at First Fridays Los Angeles, over 400 people attended. The event was such a success with all the handsome professional brothas in the house that by popular demand “by the ladies”, they will rewind and repeat with “We Are King III” on Friday, September 5th. You are invited to an evening of music, dancing, mixing and mingling as they celebrate professional Black Men and acknowledge their contributions to our lives and community.

We Are Kings III, featuring The Men of 3BAAS, Friday, September 5th
Sheraton Gateway LAX
Lobby and Poolside Lounge
6101 W. Century Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90045
7:00 pm – 1:00 am

Reduced Valet and Self Parking!

Cover: $10 before 11pm with RSVP to

From Left:  Kevin Ross, Chairman and CEO; Steven Temple, Accountant and Dwayne Foster, Vice-President, Chief Administrative Officer

Insider Tip: Since you read til the end, leave a great comment about the Angel City Classic, (why you want to go, your experiences last year or what you are looking forward to this year)  and we will pick the best post to win a pair of tickets to attend the Angel City Classic!    Of course, you must register so we can reach out to you to get your hot off the presses tickets to you (Sorry, Anonymous.)  Please post only once! And please do not post private info! We will stop taking entries by Sunday, Sept. 7, 2008 at midnight. Good luck! (Yes, feel free to forward to friends so they too can enter!)

Q: But John III, I never win anything. How can I purchase tickets? A: Simple!  Click Here!

Photo OP: CLICK HERE for photos from our Breakfast Rally. Thanks to everyone for coming!


Have Breakfast on Us This Friday!

18 08 2008

Hello again,

John Fleming III

John Fleming III

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The 2008 Farmers Angel City Classic will host a Community Breakfast this Friday and You are Invited! Here are the Details:


Greeks, Women’s Groups, Churches, Professional Organizations,
School Administrators, Elected Officials, Grass Roots Organizers



A Special Community Rally for Education and Our Youth

Friday August 22, 2008
7:30am – 9:30am
(Complimentary continental breakfast until 9:00)

Bethel AME “LA”
7900 S Western Ave (79th & Western)
Los Angeles , California 90047

Reverend Eric Lee, President of SCLC

RSVP by Wednesday August 20 at (626) 791-3847
or at events@personalservicesplus.com

We Have a BMW. You Want to Win it, Don’t You? Here’s How!

18 08 2008

VIDEO: How to Win That BMW Series 1 Coupe
Let Farmers and Long Beach BMW Show You How in New Video

CLICK HERE: How to Win the BMW Video

You don’t have to read a thing. Just click the link above to see our video featuring Kenneth Adams, Farmers Insurance Group, Byron Jackson, Long Beach BMW and LaRita Shelby, actress and radio personality. They tell you how easy it is to enter to win a 2008 BMW Coupe. Pictured above–Jennifer Freeman, actress, My Wife and Kids (watch for what she will be doing on Game Day, Sept. 27) and Kenneth Adams.

Isaac Hayes: The Tribute Continues

12 08 2008

September 27, during the 5th Quarter “we aim to have the largest community gathering since Wattstax and, fittingly, it will again be Isaac Hayes as the central figure with the loudest voice!

Isaac Hayes – August 20, 1942 – August 11, 2008

Many people take for granted what seems like one of the most basic human functions of waking up in the morning. Sunday I woke up and realized again how much of a privilege it is to do so after turning on the television and being told that the legendary Isaac Hayes passed away. This comes right after a Saturday in which I woke up and was informed that the King of Comedy himself, Bernie Mac, had passed on. Two modern day icons gone within 48 hours.

This past weekend was one that shook our communities with more velocity than any earthquake could. Almost as soon as I saw the news on TV my phone began ringing with calls from members on the Angel City Classic team. As much as I didn’t want to believe it, the phone calls or aftershocks confirmed it. A tidal wave of mourners were seemingly confused and all greatly saddened.

“What will the 5th Quarter Concert be like now that Isaac Hayes has passed?”

He was supposed to be there. “Perhaps we shouldn’t do a concert anymore.” “Is there something else we can do in place of the concert?” These questions poured in, but what I realized was that the questions were answered before we even got the news. The 5th Quarter concert was and will remain a Tribute to the Great Isaac Hayes! It was because of his many accomplishments that Hayes was scheduled to

We Miss You

appear with us Saturday September 27, 2008 at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum during the Concord Stax 5th Quarter Concert immediately following the game. This was the same venue where he gave his breakout performance over 35 years ago during Wattstax, a concert held to quell tensions and soothe a community still reeling from the Watts Riots during a very turbulent period in American history.

Isaac Hayes: We Miss You

I thought to myself that perhaps this was divinely put into motion without us even knowing it. It was Isaac Hayes who was the central figure on that day. It was Isaac who led the charge that we come together as a community and remain focused on the positive things we can accomplish while creating not a pessimistic view of what CAN’T be changed, but rather an optimistic view of what we CAN change. This year we aim to have the largest community gathering since Wattstax and, fittingly, it will again be Isaac Hayes as the central figure with the loudest voice!


So, now the man rests and the legend continues to live on. I think about the theme music for Shaft and wonder if Shaft would even be the same guy in the movie without that theme music. Would I have even liked the movie if that soundtrack wasn’t there? I don’t think so. Actually, I can’t even try to imagine it. That’s like having a car and no keys, a steak with no knife or lacing up your basketball shoes and having no shoe-strings. It just doesn’t comprehend. Remember the cartoon series South Park? An animated series that changed the landscape of animation and even sparked college programs to study it. A man involved in the project, Isaac Hayes, brought school lunch to a completely different level. Even there Isaac’s character, Chef, was providing counseling and support to students. Something I’m sure he insisted on in order to even consider doing that project. His voice remains etched in the ears and minds of millions. The definition of cool comes with his picture attached. His presence. His demeanor. His humbleness. His Gift to touch us all in some unique way. Isaac Hayes you will be missed. On behalf of the entire Angel City Classic team we would like to send our condolences to both the Hayes family and the Mac family, loved ones that they each had and of course the countless number of fans that they brought smiles to or simply brought “music to their ears!”

We will now focus on making sure our 5th Quarter Concert is an even larger Tribute to the Great Isaac Hayes and ask that you help us make it historical as only Isaac Hayes would have envisioned. Stay tuned for additional details and artists that will be joining us on that day to pay tribute. In the words of one very legendary man that some called Black Moses, “Can you dig it?!”

John III,

Proud graduate of Hampton University

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Behind the scenes at the Farmers Angel City Classic Press Conference

9 08 2008

This week we had our official launch and introduced the 2008 Farmers Angel City Classic event to the public at our Press conference on August 4th. Walking into the press conference the first thing you

You can win this car!

You can win this car!

could see were two brand new BMW’s parked on both sides of the stage area. If you haven’t heard about this yet, then you should. This is serious folks. In conjunction with our Title Sponsor , Farmers Insurance Group and Long Beach BMW, someone is going to be selected a winner and handed the keys to a brand new BMW 1 series at this year’s Angel City Classic. This is a guarantee. No jokes, no catches…this is a guaranteed “give me the keys , Willis.” Have you registered yet?

Actress Jennifer Freeman and Kenneth Adams (Farmers)

Actress Jennifer Freeman and Kenneth Adams (Farmers)

When I walked, in I’m thinking that “if I wasn’t working to put this event on I would have signed up at least 50 times by now.” You NEED to sign up. Your chances are pretty good that you will win this new series of BMW at our event. This car is hard to get right now throughout the entire country. Don’t believe me? Look out at the street and tell me how many you see drive by….Either go to our website and click on the banner that says “Are you the 1” and register to enter. Or you can go to Long Beach BMW and register in person. Take a test drive and you might just receive a ticket to the Angel City Classic while you are there

Wait, wait, wait. Sorry, I got distracted there for a minute, but that’s how impressive those cars looked to me when I walked into the press conference. Someone is going to be one happy ACC fan at the end of this event!

So, at the press conference, I look around and see no other than long time Los Angeles radio personality Cliff Winston. If you don’t know by now, this man has been hitting the airwaves with Herculean strength over the past years. Odds are you have listened to his entertaining morning shows at some point or the other if you live in LA. But that’s not the most exciting part…the fact that we announced to the public that he will be doing the play-by-play announcing on game day is what’s most exciting. For those that didn’t know, Cliff Winston started his career in the press box with play-by-play. The man is incredible and an absolute riot! You don’t want to miss hearing him narrate the afternoon for us. You are either going to get a cramp in your side or have a sore face from laughing so hard!! (Do some research and let me know your comments below.)

This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it
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I’m telling you that we couldn’t imagine finding a better personality that would be a better fit for the play-by-play during this game. Personally, I can’t wait to hear him live. No telling what he might say!

We had impressive folks in attendance: State Senator Mark Ridley-Thomas, Bernard Parks, Jr., church leaders such as my fellow frat brother and mentor Rev. Eric Lee of the esteemed Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC) which was founded by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and LA Mayor Representative Reverend Leonard Jackson, Dr. Anthony Samaad of the Los Angeles Chapter of 100 Black Men, and Jennifer Freeman from the Daman Wayans hit show “My Wife and Kids” fame. No worries here–if you are wondering: Jennifer Freeman is on the team as well. She will be doing interviews throughout the week and just might spot you in the crowd to do an interview with you. You need to seriously think about that Saturday outfit right now (and if you are one of a few who will be attending the Scholarship Gala) that Friday night outfit as well because I guarantee you your friends will put you on the spot if Jennifer catches you on the camera in something other than TV worthy! And NO, platform shoes have not come back in style fellas unless your name is Shaft or Sugar Bear.

Oh wait a second….did I mentioned to you the 5th quarter concert? We might just see some platform shoes during that time on stage in which it will be COMPLETELY acceptable. And if you don’t know what I’m talking about then you might want to take a look at our website again. Would tell you more about that right now, but with all joking aside……it was amazing to see so many community leaders present at the news conference as well as others who are also so supportive. We even had Tanya Walters (Founder, GYO), who you may have seen on Oprah, drive all the way up from Palm Springs then after the press conference drive all the way back. That’s a 3 hour drive people! It touches me when I see people who truly care and understand that this event makes a tremendous impact in the community and has a dynamic domino impact on our nations HBCU’s. But, it all starts when each of them decided to do something about encouraging others to remain excited about education and the advantages it gives to those who have it. Regardless, we all do things individually that we believe make a statement and perhaps a difference, but when we do things COLLECTIVELY it makes us so much more effective and so much more of a potential difference maker. Think about that for a second. Remember when they used to say that “it takes a village to raise a child”? Well, those folks were NOT playing. I couldn’t imagine where I would be if a village didn’t get a “switch” out on me, build me up, EDUCATE ME and then allowed me to walk back into the village with the expectations of me doing the same for others. You have a sense of pride and, most important, a more rooted caring for your community. That old saying is more relevant today then ever before. Where is your village? And does that village look like it is collectively being constructed? Get together with you neighbor, then the both of you get together with your other neighbor, then go across the street and get someone else’s neighbor or little Johnny if his parents aren’t home and then get your other neighbor from across the block (don’t forget Maggie)and then come pick me up and then let’s make sure we grab Big Momma before we stop at Uncle Ray’s and then let’s call a few others to meet us for a meeting about how important it is to come together every now and then. If you don’t do it today then let’s at least do it on September 27th. Just let me know if you need a ride. I’ve got a an SUV….but I’m going to need some gas money!! And don’t play, I’m serious about that gas money!!

Look for the next blog. I’m going to let you know about some entertainment and some additional news about a familiar face that has been in the news VERY frequently over the past few weeks. Even have an Exclusive Interview with this person to share with you. Waaayyy toooo much going on! But, I will try my best to let you know the details first RIGHT HERE!

John III,

Proud graduate of Hampton University

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Countdown Til The Angel City Classic Weekend

2 08 2008

There is so much going on with the Farmer’s Angel City Classic Weekend, I decided to blog about it to keep you in the loop.

Big News from the Farmers Angel City Classic 8/4/08:The Farmers Angel City Classic Launches 2008 Event Tomorrow (Aug. 5)

NEWSFLASH: Tomorrow, (August 5), we host our press conference kicking off the 2008 Classic. Our title sponsor, Farmers Insurance Group, will make a special announcement, plus there are many surprises in store including our partnership with Nick Cannon, who along with his Stop the Hate group is joining our team.

Please join us at our press conference at 10 a.m. at the L.A. Coliseum, 3939 S. Figueroa St., in Los Angeles, if you want the scoop.

In fact, here is a teaser: Our sponsor, Tri Destined Studios (Stomp the Yard) released our 2008 promo video and it takes you into the heart of what to expect at this year’s event. Here is your sneak preview: Click Here to View Video. We are working around the clock to meet our goal to double last year’s attendance–this year we expect 80,000 fans!

What’s new this year? Besides entering to win the BMW 1 Series Give Away, Ticket Giveaways, entering to be the King and Queen and more, we present: The 5th Quarter: As if the game between Morehouse and Prairie View isn’t enough, as if their exciting precision bands aren’t enough, when it’s all over, those in the Coliseum will be treated to what we are calling the 5th Quarter where we pay tribute to Mr. Hot Buttered Soul himself Isaac Hayes. Mr. Hayes performed at Wattstax in the same venue– the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. Stay tuned for more details as they come available.


Recently, we taped a show at Time Warner Cable, Baldwin Hills Studio. We call it HBCU Live, and decided to name a segment of our website the same name. This blog is a part of it. We were honored to have Dr. David Brewer Los Angeles Superintendent of Schools who graduated from an HBCU– Prairie View which helped launch his stellar career. View it Now (There are 4 clips, so don’t miss the others.)

We also thank Bernard Kinsey, philanthropist; Harold Hambrick, President, Los Angeles Black Business Expo; Charmaine Jefferson, Executive Director, California Africa American Museum (CAAM) and Luther Williams, HBCU Inter Alumni councils. We’ll bring more interviews and well look back at last year’s show as we look forward with great anticipation to September 27. We hope you will join us!

Check out last year’s excitement by Farmers.

John III,

Proud graduate of Hampton University

PS: Group Tickets are now on sale. Remember if you buy in a group you will most likely sit with your friends or alums from your school. We want all HBCU’s on deck! Click here to order.

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